The Clouded Heart…

“Every blade of grass has it’s angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.”            The Talmud

I am often mystified on how the past permeates my present thoughts. It’s not so much the big things anymore. Granted, divorce, death and many other crisis or trauma definitely intertwine into the making of us, but hopefully through God’s grace, we get through it. However, it’s the little things that sneak up on me that tend to have a greater effect over time. Over the years, and brick by brick the walls of judgment escalate as to how things “should be” or how things “should work.” It’s the plaster and sheetrock that keep my reality in place that concern me.  The past words, thoughts and habits that live in my head and point me to the endless decisions I make every day. Is my heart clouded?

After trying to re-create my world “within the little white picket fence” of where I thought my safety was and having it explode in my face, on numerous attempts, I realize that I do need to de-construct every day. What I thought was so right yesterday, last week, or even a year ago, are subject to my growth yes– but my heart—cannot be reasoned with. My brain can re-wire, but my heart has to heal. While I would like to think that mentally I am over something, my heart may say something totally different. Unfortunately while this cloud exists I cannot possibly see the nature of God.

I find myself asking more and more lately, why does it have to be this way? Just because I have always followed a particular pattern, train of thought or feeling, is it necessarily the one that weaves through the greater part of nature and joy itself? Is this the path that restricts or is this the path that leads to possibilities of endless imagination? Have I locked the greater part of myself within a tomb without realizing it? Am I scattering my energies throughout my daily life or focusing my energy towards introspection and trusting my true nature to show me a better way, a more clear way?   

There is so much to learn from. Even the smallest and simplest of greetings on the street within a timeframe of a second are a part of us. They speak to our heart.  Are we listening? These minuscule happenings in every moment re-create us, heal us and have the potential to open our eyes to a new world and sometimes—truly seeing for the first time.

“It is far wiser to ask for a question than an answer. When you think you have all the answers, it simply means you have run out of questions.”    (Leonard Jacobson – Words from Silence: An Invitation to Spiritual Awakening)

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31 Responses to The Clouded Heart…

  1. Simon Marsh says:

    “Is this the path that restricts or is this the path that leads to possibilities of endless imagination?”

    Ah, yes! How I thank God for the brave souls who are daring to ask this question. Asked whether I think that God errs more on the side of restriction or of imagination and I’ll always go for the latter.

    I love your final paragraph. The smallest and simplest greeting on the street is a form of prayer, isn’t it? One of trillions of ways of being in touch with God, with Life, with who and what God loves – people like us, people hurt and healed, loved and encouraged, broken and mended, learning and growing and keeping on going until we do recognise the Source of our life and love, one day, in a wonderfully transformed “cloud”.

    “Is this the path that restricts or is this the path that leads to possibilities of endless imagination?”

    This is the question, this is the “Wind of the Spirit” that helps to blow away the swirling fog! Thank you for sharing it. I shall head to my night’s rest asking the question. And start tomorrow with it too. Thank you 🙂

    Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits. Sounds like another good read …

  2. Larry Who says:

    Paul the Apostle wrote, “…Forgetting about those things behind and reaching forward to the things ahead…”

    Now, I’m not always perfect in following Paul’s advice, but I do attempt to do it.

  3. Debbie says:

    “My brain can re-wire, but my heart has to heal”. So true. I’ve often moved forward with my head and even my feet and left my heart stuck in the muck. And such a wise encouragement to listen to the voices of the moment, not just the voices of the past. What do they say? It takes 10 affirmations to counter 1 criticism – clouding the heart.

  4. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!

  5. Such a lovely post to open this Saturday evening (yes, I’m quite behind on my blog readin’!)
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. How beautiful, food for thought. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  7. narhvalur says:

    Very beautiful post! Ann

  8. narhvalur says:

    The Rehab Center really doing a good job! Ann

  9. Thomas Smith says:

    Great post, I enjoyed it.

  10. Savannah says:

    I have read that there are 4 things to do with emotions: Suppress, express, experience, release. It is a difficult process for sure. Once we fully release it all, our true gifts of the soul can finally shine through.

  11. narhvalur says:

    What a beautiful little poem! Ann

  12. You have such a beautifully descriptive way with words!

    One cannot help but revel in them 🙂

    The questioning, the hurt, the wondering, the penumbra…I know them all too well.

    Run away with the little things. It truly is There that He resides and beckons.

    One must learn to surrender and Love. Live and Love.

    God Love You ♥

  13. Ria Gandhi says:

    Did you know that you are beautiful inside out?

  14. No answers in this post, but the questions were more precise and illuminating than any answer. -(The video too) -Thanks

  15. So true we learn so much in one lifetime, it would be nice to think we have more than one life to carry the lessons through! Lovely poem 🙂

  16. annibloggt says:

    wow, thank you for this great and so inspiring post! you have an awesome blog, I´m glad that I discovered it.
    lots of love,

  17. Ron says:

    I just remembered something. When my heart got clouded, I sat there and said things like, “Oooh, there’s a VW Beetle, and there’s a cow, and there’s dog. It looks like snoopy.”

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