Life Coaching

DSC_0540                                                   Change is forward movement…

 When you begin to move forward-that is when change begins.

On life’s path you may be searching for the “perfect moment,” an “aha” moment reflecting insight from within. If you feel like you are stuck in a stagnate pool of water verses moving forward in a fulfilling and productive flow of life, life coaching may be for you.

As your life coach and through collaborative partnership I will help you:

  • Explore and uncover what is most important to you.
  • Through a variety of proven techniques and methods help you explore strategies and a roadmap for navigating through obstacles and challenges.
  • Through thought provoking and creative processes assist you in designing a plan of action.
  • Partner with you to help you reach your goals.

Life coaching is about maximizing your potential, the hidden you that lies within. Life coaching believes you have the creativity and resources to achieve your goals. Through active and non-judgmental listening in a safe environment I encourage your self-discovery, design, implementation and accountability.

Coaching offered:

  • By Phone
  • Email
  • In person
  • Combination of services
  • Packaged session rates available
  • **Exclusive rates to seniors**

For FREE consultation call:      210-454-2487

email: OR please provide contact information with any questions you might have:





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