We are not alone…

Mysterious  “Interesting Photos” (Captured June 6th, 2018) I felt compelled to take a picture of this little tree on the side of the road on my way to work. To my surprise the 1st and 3rd picture showed something I was not expecting. You never know.

Well, as I sit here, wondering what the second have of my life will be, now that my love of 27 years is gone, I realize that what I’m really missing is the meaning of that relationship, the meaning the other person gives to “us.” In that respect, I haven’t lost anything. His love, his smiles, his heart, helped to shape me and my perspectives. I now look at the world through the eyes of that “us.” And while no- he is not here in my physical world- he lives with me in a new construct that I am not familiar with, but know through my spiritual self, that he is always by my side.

That said, I need to derive meaning from who I am, and what my circumstances are now, and that takes A LOT of reflection and a lot of soul work. I need ways to express what I am feeling, ways to channel and convey what I am thinking and ways to search and define what I mean to myself. There are still other loved ones in my life that I appreciate and look to for support, but ultimately, I am responsible for me, and if I cannot identify who I am now, it is difficult to relate to others or to be of benefit to the world around me.

Nature has always been my “solace,” my comfort, and what is real for me. When all other people, ideas, or problems fail to make sense to me, or life becomes a little overwhelming, nature is my “go to.” So it makes sense to me that I try to capture it in some form, whether it is photography, drawing, watercolor, or writing, to share that essence of God’s beauty in a way that brings either joy to others or just me.

I appreciate all the artists, photographers, and poets who bring their precious glimpses of nature into my world. I hope you will enjoy the little gifts that are created and shared in this blog, but more importantly I hope it inspires your heart to create through your own talents. We all leave each other with pieces of who we are, to create a tapestry of thought, of feeling or expression. As I forge onward in life, taking the 27 years of meaning and love, and merging it with all the beauty I see now, I am assured it will never die, but yet live on in each heart and expression around me.

My blog has metamorphosed over the last few years. At times, it lay barren, waiting for me. At other times, it flourished. A blog is of course the result of its writer or creator. That’s the beauty of a blog, it reflects the individual, and again, who they are in that moment. Blogs are living expressions of us and grow with us. I originally started writing my blog when I started writing my book, Chasing the Perfect Moment. The book is done, but the “perfect moments” live on. I hope to capture some of the best of those moments here in this blog. I also hope that you are inspired to share yours too. The journey is more meaningful together.

Always in love,


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3 Responses to We are not alone…

  1. sandy says:

    I don’t know who wrote this but……
    I think about you often and hope you are well……

    “Every special person who touches our life,
    Leaves their own unique mark on our heart.
    A mark, which can never be chiseled away.
    Even if the years eventually pull us apart.

    Those special people who can touch our lives,
    Are like precious jewels amongst life’s treasures.
    They shine on us and leave a lasting impression;
    A unique mark on our heart;
    A gift without measures.”

  2. texwis says:

    Your reference to nature reminds me of birth as I think of the rainstorm I saw in New Zealand that turned 10 waterfalls into hundreds or Kilauea erupting last night and creating new land. Then of course the celebration of a baby Jesus that was born to implant love in each of us to share with others.

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