The Horribly Beautiful Experiences

“If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.”

I have not written for almost 6 years. What was once water to my thirsty soul became parched and barren, the passion stifled by the loss of a loved one. To swim to those depths again, that place where our creativity lies deep within us, takes courage, and to rise up from the brokenness– a love of something greater than yourself that ultimately you know, is the breath needed in your life again.

While I have always been on the mystical side of life more drawn to spirituality than the tangibles in this world, it has taken the massive “roller-coaster” of life we ride each day with all of its ups and downs, to show me what life, or my life is all about. It has not been the soft cool evenings on my back porch or the many sunrises I have witnessed, as majestic and inspiring as they are, that have given me the insight as to what I am doing here or not to sound too clichéd, but what my purpose is.

It is the lows and the heartbreak that have left the deepest profound meaning. It is those experiences that have left me with empathy for others and for myself, just to be able to be alone with my thoughts and not critical of where I need to be or what I should be doing. In learning to accept those flaws and those imperfections in myself and others is where I have learned the greatest love and the freedom to explore and experience the greatest growth.

In this growth is where I finally recognize, as the years go by, that my greatest strength and desire is to share with others and to be a blessing. This does not mean stifling my journey by overwhelming myself with “do-good” activities, but yet living a simple and real life that leaves room for transparency and honesty with other people. I have had the good fortune to instead share stories with people, some quite miraculous, and in doing so help each other to reach for the “greatness” that exists in us by trying to understand who we are and what life is trying to show us.

I have had moments in my own life that have extended past the realms of this world that we consider normal, into those areas that defy logic but leave us with the knowing that we have touched something greater than our limited self. Be it dreams, near death experiences, knowing our loved ones who have passed are near, or other sacred gifts that slip into our “normal” waking world, it is these areas that I seek passionately to understand and in doing so inspire me to be the best I can be. Quantum physics is now revealing proofs that the consciousness that exists all around us is experienced by limitations of our brain which acts as a filter, allowing us to participate in only a fragment of what truly surrounds us, but every now and then we are given a peek beyond the thin veil to be given a gift of sight into something so beautiful and miraculous that it takes our breath away. Something that lets us know we are not alone and that life on Earth is a small fragment of our existence. If that does not inspire us to be the best that we can be, I don’t know what will.

In Caroline Myss’s book, “Intimate Conversations with the Devine,” she writes,

 “I was being called to an entirely new path. I wasn’t sure about the details; I only knew without the slightest doubt that the needle on my compass had shifted. I was meant to explore the territory of the soul. And it would require a prayer life. And that was that.”      

As I read those words so eloquently written, it occurred to me that the internal dialogue I have had with myself throughout my life, filled with so many personal beliefs, constructed thoughts and patterned behavior is slowly falling away to, if I let it, a reality that is asking me to tap into it for wisdom and guidance like never before. In doing so, my own personal compass is leading me to many other people who are also reaching out into the depths of an unknown, through their own experiences, that promises love and a communication with the soul providing rare and precious insight as to what our individual “mission” is here, and lets us be assured that when we do leave here it is not the end.

I leave you with this video that I hope will encourage and provide you with an enthusiasm to venture beyond the confines of our everyday life. This video, while a bit long, is worth it. Penny Wittbrodt is one of the many people who have had an opportunity to glimpse what lies in the eternal greatness that surrounds us. She is an inspiration to us all. This is just one story with more to come. Hope to hear from you and you own story!

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13 Responses to The Horribly Beautiful Experiences

  1. Loosing some one dear to us rocks our world inside and out.. And how each of us copes as we navigate through our emotions is unique to us all.. I am sorry for your profound loss..
    But reading through your words, I know also you know they are only lost from view, not from our hearts or consciousness…
    As someone who has spoken too and seen the afterlife… I know beyond a doubt that there is Life after Life.. and we are but a whisper apart…
    You will find among my categories cloud, trance, and paranormal posts and my life with spirit…
    Many thanks for sharing your heart, and for your recent follow… I hope that after your long break from WP, you will once again take up your healing pen and write more from within your heart… You never know who will read, or who it may help..

    Much love.. Sue ❤

  2. I was moved by your post, and enjoyed your comment towards the end about being led to communication providing insight as to what our individual mission is here, as well as knowing here is not the end. There are many days I wonder what my mission is, or what it might be. I may be living it right now. I don’t think most of us ever get “confirmation” as to the mission, so I try to be good and kind and have empathy for others. That seems to be a good foundation to “begin” with. Look forward to more posts, and thanks for the follow. Bruce (aka WOTC)

  3. Wow! First the writing is prolific poetically …yet a prose of profoundness! a depth of writing that comes from experience and a journal of perspective! If based on truth, my condolences for the lost of love! but you have moved into being a blessing for others. I have always believed that I have been blessed to be a blessing, even to survive suffering, in which not all comes to understand. thank for this treat of a read!

  4. Pat Cegan says:

    Your words are stunning and true to all of us who seek the connection with the Divine. Keep writing for it is healing, encourages insight and shares with others who are in touch with the Source of all or who seek to be. hugs, pat

  5. Priti says:

    Welcome back! Actually life is like that mixing of sorrow and happiness.

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