Give A Little Bit…

11435324-little-girl-giving-flower-to-boy[1]        It is the mark of a great man that he puts to flight all ordinary calculations. He is at once sublime and touching, childlike and of the race of giants.                                              Honore de Balzac

This morning I woke up grumpy. I felt tired, like I needed a break. Just as I was prepared and content to wallow in that moment, I remember today is a special day for my husband. Today, at work, he is to make a presentation that he is very excited about. Additionally, he researched and worked very hard to prepare for it. I thought, “Don’t you dare ruin his moment!” So, I put on my smile (you know, the one you see in my comments to you -:)) determined to celebrate this day with him. I make him breakfast, give him a kiss, and wish him the best! No sooner does he leave, and here come the “grumpies” again. Flirting with this feeling, which at the moment has me in its clutches, and teetering on whether or not I should actually let it have this dance, my cat begins meowing LOUDLY drowning out the whole sorrowful melody. “What now?” I think. Her paw is stuck on the carpet. So, I gently unstick it. She looks at me with her “grateful” entitlement attitude and runs off. Moments later, the toilet decides to act up… I decide to go to Starbucks.

The drive is nice. My favorite CD plays as I drive and re-think the morning’s events. I have a choice. I can be “grumpy” for the rest of the day or look for that silver lining I know is tucked away somewhere. I actually begin to feel a little better. I continue to Starbucks, pull into the drive thru, and as I’m waiting, catch a glimpse of the woman behind me in my rearview mirror. She’s shaking her head slightly, clearly irritated that she has to wait. I wonder what’s happenng in her morning? It is then however, that I feel “the tug.” You know- the one that wraps its sticky little fingers around your heart and niggles at you until you give in and hear what it is saying? I finally give in just enough to hear it say, “Hey, you have the power to do something nice.” I contemplate and smile- a real one this time. I get up to the drive thru window pay for my drink -and the lady behind me’s drink. Then I quickly drive off. I actually feel giggly and silly, and it’s great.

What is it about helping someone else that makes us smile? I think it’s because we are helping ourselves also, it take the focus off of us for a while. One of the happiest memories I have is when I would pick flowers in the backyard for my mom. My heart would swell with pride and happiness, just to see her smile. Sometimes, it’s in my best interest to shake off the adult with all its reasoning and what ifs and let the child come forward with its spur-of-the-moment and spontaneous love.

I made my choice. No longer wrapped up in my cocoon of self-pity, and with the “grumpies” now far away, peace and joy now settle in its place. Do something for someone today, even if it’s just a smile, it lifts our heart and theirs. Enjoy!!

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33 Responses to Give A Little Bit…

  1. Thank you Ginny, for the message, the poem, and the video. Glad the ‘grumpies’ are gone. Have a good day,

  2. Larry Who says:

    Great message which is timely everyday. Thanks.

  3. Ginny you lifted my soul today with your words, we all have days like that and you made me smile when you paid for the ladies coffee, how sweet, you would have changed her day too. The video is awesome and I believe most people act this way throughout their day, I see it when I go into town. Thanks for the smile.

  4. Loved this!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!! Skye

  5. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It is nice to be reminded that we are all human and have “our days” or “our moments.” I truly felt the niggles in my tummy as I read about your paying for the lady behind you’s coffee. Helping others is a wonderful way to help ourselves and share a little bit of Jesus’ love. Thank you again. 😉

  6. Ajaytao2010 says:

    What a beautiful post and a beautiful video too
    you always make me smile and happy from inside
    your post are wonderful always dear Ginny

    Love Ajay

  7. I can’t get enough of that message.

  8. I love this post…it is so very true too…we al have days of grumpies, or hassled from the second we wake up…but if we make the choice to rise above it by helping someone or by doing something for a special…the day turns around!!!

  9. Great post! Giving to someone else is guaranteed to take your mind off yourself and your own problems! Take care 🙂

  10. Hi there! I accepted the award and handed it out to 14 more well deserving bloggers:) Thank you so much:) Here is the link to the blog on HRCG.

  11. prayingforoneday says:

    We are smart individually but like a Zombie collectively.
    Can anybody explain this?

    Individual acts of kindness…I love this..
    Hope it is ok to share this video with my friend…


  12. Skye says:

    Just checking in on you. Hope you are doing alright. Skye. 🙂

  13. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominated you for A Bunch of Awards – 13 Nominations

    please choose any 2 awards out of the 13
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award

  14. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate you for a Super Bunch of Awards – 30 Nominations
    please choose any 4 awards out of the 30
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award

  15. Skye says:

    Boo!! 🙂 It’s the pest. Just wanted to say “Happy September!” Just because you are not around, does not mean you are forgotten!! Hugs!! Skye

    • Hi Skye! You could never be a pest. 🙂 I’m finally getting around to posting. Should be up shortly. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

      • Skye says:

        You are very welcome….I just commented on your latest work, but I did it under my other blog name (thesanctuaryofmyheart). I was not sure if you knew I had the two….did not want to confuse. Sorry

        I am so happy you are making your way back.

  16. What a great post, thanks for sharing.

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