Voice back by popular demand…

First off, HAPPY EASTER!  I’m driving down the street the other day, stopped at a stop sign and see a large 7-10 foot rabbit in front of me. Honestly, I was not thinking of Easter at the moment. It can be rather scary when you don’t realize initially that it’s yet another one of those holiday yard decorations.

But, each to his own…right?

I have my own Easter blessing this year, its called rebirth, actually- to be more specific- re-birth of my voice.  Each week I’ve been sharing with you the excerpts from my book. Everybody has been kind and supportive saying how lovely the words are. But you know, something kept bugging me and I could not figure out what it was until someone-very special-approached me. She told me that she heard my beautiful words, but did not hear my voice. I realized she was right. I want to be on the journey with you, not behind the scenes. I want to hear what you have to say, and I want to know your thoughts and feelings. That means I need to come out of my obscure hiding place, and let my heart and thoughts ring forth! She may have created a monster. Thank you to my dear friend for reminding me what a blog is all about. This is for you:

My Friend the Vessel

I feel the fires within me begin to slowly burn; ah, I feel my life getting ready for yet another turn.

Around another corner up ahead something is beckoning to me; intuitively it is familiar, not really something I can hear, touch or see.

Its presence gently fulfilling, subtle and warm; its essence vague and expansive, yet without form.

“I know you” I say. “I’ve met you before.” This is not the first time you’ve knocked upon my door.

You knew me long ago, carrying me with you-whispering in my ear; you protected me, showering me with grace and letting me know you were near.

Somehow through the chasms and the many rifts; you appear to me again as a rare jewel in the mist.

I feel your heart beating with mine; as the fiery light within me begins to glow and shine.

You’ve managed again to seep through the cracks in my heart; the ones that have threatened to tear my world apart.

You have found me once again, with your mighty wisdom and love; descending upon me from heaven above.

Once again I’m freed to be the child; sassy, un-tethered, creative and wild

Unbound, I will soar to great heights once again; you’ve acted as a loving vessel, and I thank you for that my gracious friend.


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7 Responses to Voice back by popular demand…

  1. Simon Marsh says:

    “Once again I’m freed to be the child; sassy, un-tethered, creative and wild

    Unbound, I will soar to great heights once again; you’ve acted as a loving vessel, and I thank you for that my gracious friend.”

    Wow! Happy Easter to you, too. And thanks 🙂

  2. jesusmyjoy says:

    i wrote a devotion yesterday on hoarding. someone wrote me back telling me not to judge others..i never intended it to be judging..will you read it, tell me what you think, God bless you.

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